Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MAURITIUS - Carte Blanche: Karen Pang

Karen Pang is an 18 years old amateur photographer currently based in Mauritius.

I have been surprised by the quality of her work since she started to post albums on facebook a few years ago.

I would describe Karen’s work as simple, playful, sleek and vintage. She definitely found her style in photography and is very fashion oriented and this is why I’m introducing her here.

She is getting better and better and is already kicking a few professional fashion photographers’ asses, so watch out…

For those who want to see more of her work I’m sure she will be glad to accept your friend requests on her facebook.

Editor's note: Carte Blanche, white card in French which means unrestricted power to act at one's own discretion. I decided that from time to time I will give "carte blanche" to someone who impressed me by his/her work.

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